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Diavola Pizza

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Customers tell us that they've never tasted real pizza before they tried ours.We like that. And there are two really good reasons why... We use the best tomatoes, meats, cheeses, and vegetables.Starting fresh, and starting with quality, is the only way to achieve a perfect pizza.No exceptions. We use Antimo Caputo flour, an additive-free, all-natural flour that utilizes a proprietary blend of the best wheat on the global market.Our tomatoes are Sinatra brand, and are the finest plum tomatoes grown in Naples, Italy. They are handpicked and packed in fresh tomato puree within hours of harvest, and contain approximately 16% higher solids that other like brands.Top-shelf ingredients alone, though, aren't enough. That's why we have the only Marra Forni oven in Indiana.Made in Italy, and used in some of New York and Chicago's best pizzerias, our oven can char a perfect crust in only 90 seconds.You've probably never tasted a crust like ours before. Light, tender, and full of flavor, it's the perfect complement to our abundant toppings.It's also kind of fun to watch the process, which is why we have the oven out in full view of the dining room.Dinner and a show!



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